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Fly Fishing Art by John Ovcacik

The fly fishing art by John Ovcacik shows his passion for fly fishing and his appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into the tying of classic flies.

John Ovcacik has been drawing, painting and ‘making things’ for as long as he can remember.  Most of his work reflects his architectural design background, featuring simple buildings that become sculptural objects for the interplay of light and shadow.

These images have a somewhat surreal, dream-like quality, as they are not based on actual places; they are imagined and designed.

As an avid fly angler, John eventually wanted to incorporate some aspect of that passion into his art.  Interesting fly patterns seemed like a good place to start: “While I don’t tie my own flies, I have always admired the design and craftsmanship that goes into their creation.

I’m drawn to the classic salmon patterns, but have also painted the more common trout flies. Soft-hackle wets, like the Partridge and Orange, are especially enjoyable to paint”.  

A recent trip to the Skeena River in B.C. has got John thinking about painting some of the wonderful, gaudy Steelhead patterns.

John works exclusively with acrylic paints, and applies many thin layers to build up a rich, luminous image. The layers of paint are sealed numerous times with an acrylic medium at various stages, and upon completion, the painting is given two or three coats of varnish.

John feels that all of this effort results in an image with a depth and luminosity reminiscent of classical still-life paintings, while maintaining a contemporary attitude.

A two-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, John has had his work accepted into major juried shows, including those of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Arts for the Parks, and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.  

His work was selected as a finalist in the international artist magazine’s competition in 2002, and as a finalist in The Artist Magazine’s annual competition in 1998.  He also received an award of merit in the Arts for the Parks annual competition in 1999.

His paintings are represented in numerous private and corporate collections, including those of Bell Canada, Jetform Corporation, Merrill Lynch Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint.

John currently paints in his home studio in Chelsea, Quebec, just north of Ottawa. 

  All images are copyrighted and used by permission




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