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Fly Fishing Art by Travis Sylvester

Fly fishing art by Travis Sylvester shows His love and appreciation for the amazing colors and markings of trout. Travis is an artist out of the Salt Lake City area. Colored pencils are his medium of choice, and has been since he was in high school.  

“I really enjoy the results that I get out of colored pencils, they allow me to create very vibrant images with hard sharp edges, while at the same time I can smoothly transition through all of the brilliant colors on a gill plate.”

Travis’s artwork and style has become widely recognizable in the fly fishing industry.

It is often mistaken for oil or acrylic paintings.

Although Travis has not attempted using paint of any kind, he does state that he can see himself “giving it a whirl” in the future.

“My favorite part about drawing trout is trying to capture that awesome shimmery wet look. I also like to exaggerate the shiny reflections that can often be seen around their eye or down their backs. If my completed drawing looks wet, or if it appears that you could reach out and touch the fish, I am happy with it.”

Travis gets inspired to continue his artwork from either catching beautiful trout, viewing great trout photography, as well as viewing all of the great artwork from other fish and trout artists.

He continuously strives to make each new piece even better than the previous.

“For the most part, I am as self-taught with my artwork as I am with fly fishing. Although I do enjoy wading a mountain creek or river, I tend to find myself in my float tube out on a small lake or pond when I get a chance to go out.”

Travis’s work has been published in “Fly Rod & Reel” magazine, and has been on the cover of “Southern Trout” magazine.

Giclee fine art prints on treated loose canvas, gallery wrapped canvas or fine art paper can be purchased from his site.

Digital Luster prints on gloss paper are also available at www.TravzArt.com .

Some of Travis’s artwork has been used on fly fishing merchandise created by Montana Fly Company.

His work may also be seen in various fly shops and lodges.

All images are copyright protected and were used by permission.

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