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Fly Fishing Videos

Fly Fishing videos are very helpful in learning the fly fishing basics while others are just interesting. Some show how products are made, and others show different tips and techniques. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched a video and had an ah-ha moment. If you start out only using these videos as a review, you may find out that you pick up something new.

I want to give a special thanks to all the people who were willing to share their time and their knowledge.

How They Are Made

I am always watching different programs that show how things are made. They are very interesting. It is no different with fly fishing equipment. The technology used today is just amazing.

I hope you enjoy these videos.

How a graphite fly rod is made

How bamboo fly rods are made

How fly fishing reels are made

How fly fishing line is made

Fly Fishing Casting

Fly casting is one of those fly fishing basics you just cannot learn from reading a book. OK, maybe you can, but it is easier when you can also watch someone else doing it. If you do not have a certified fly casting instructor in your area, watching fishing videos is the next best thing. They sure have helped me improve my skills.

The basic fly cast must be mastered first. Spend time on the basics. I thought I had it down after a few evenings but found after being on the river that it is best to spend up to a week working on each principle before moving on. My instructor called it muscle memory.

More videos are coming .....

Fly Fishing Videos: Tips and Techniques

We cannot end our section on fly fishing videos without showing some on the different fly fishing techniques you can use. Whether you are presenting a dry fly upstream or indicator fishing with a nymph these videos are worth a thousand words. Enjoy!

Soon to be added: Upstream presentations, Small stream fly fishing, Fishing with nymphs and indicators

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