How a Graphite Fly Rod Is Made

Graphite fly rods are one of the most popular trout fly rods in production today. They come in many different weights and actions. They are lighter than a fiberglass fly rod, allowing you to cast longer and with more accuracy. They are also very flexible and strong, making them perfect for trout fly fishing. A graphite fly rod is also less expensive than a boron or bamboo fly rod.

Graphite materials were first used by the military in the '60s to replace metal in some applications. It is now used in a variety of sporting goods including golf shafts.

Some years back I was on a field trip to a small mountain stream with my local fly shop. Without any sales pitch I was handed a 3-weight graphite rod. Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of one.

Of the entire fly fishing videos out there I always enjoy watching how things are made.

I would like to thank Ken Evoy and the staff at SBI for giving me the tools to build this site. 

Here is a fly fishing video that shows how graphite rods are made. I want to give a special thanks to the Discovery Channel for making this video available.

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